Who's who

An overview of our committee can be found here.

Name: Marilyn Raymond


Position: President


Contact: marilyn.raymond@outlook.com

Name: Virendra Adhikari


Position: Chairperson


Contact: adhikari.britain@gmail.com


Name: Veena Lidbetter


Position: Committee Member


Contact: veena.lidbetter@hotmail.co.uk


Name: Audrey Q Phillips


Position: Committee Member


Contact: aqenterprise26@gmail.com




Name: Trevor Gray


Position: Committee Member & Representative on Harrow Conservation Area Advisory Committee ( CAAC)


Contact: thegrays20@talktalk.net


Name: Fiona Chapman


Position: Committee Member





Name: Rosalind Pulvermacher


Position: Committee Member


Contact: Rosalind.pulver@gmail.com

Name: Ann Butler


Position: Committee Member


Contact: annbutler_home@hotmail.com

Name: Peter Bradley

Position: Committee Member


Contact: peterbradley4450@gmail.com

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We are a non-profit organisation and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to support us, please check out the Contact us page for more information.


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