Local contacts

Councillors (Stanmore Park)

Marilyn Ashton

Title: Deputy Leader of the Council

E-mail: marilyn.ashton@harrow.gov.uk

Phone: 07831-319324



Zak Wagman

Title: Ward Councillor

E-mail: zak.wagman@harrow.gov.uk

Phone: 07854 429217



Philip Benjamin

Title: Ward Councillor

E-mail: philip.benjamin@harrow.gov.uk

Phone: (020) 8424 1852   07938 451006



Councillors (Canons Park)

       Ameet Jogia


             Title: Ward Councillor

             E-mail: ameet.jogia@harrow.gov.uk

             Phone: 07753-464-149

       Amir Moshenson


             Title: Ward Councillor

             E-mail: amir.moshenson@harrow.gov.uk

             Phone: 07503-464-091

       Bharat Thakker


             Title: Ward Councillor

             E-mail: bharat.thakker@harrow.gov.uk

             Phone: 020-8424-1852

London Underground

Address: London Underground Customer Services, 58 Broadway, SW1H 0BD

Phone: 0845 330 9880

E-mail: customers@tfl.gov.uk

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