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Happy Christmas from the Stanmore Society

The Stanmore Society would like to wishing all our members a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Stanmore Society AGM 2021
The Stanmore Society are inviting you to their AGM, see poster for details. We are limiting numbers so please book in advance, again see details on the poster and please ignore the cut off date. The hall is fully Covid compliant with additional air sterilization.
AGM 2021.doc
Microsoft Word document [141.0 KB]



There are many small things we can do to look after our  world and to help our neighbours both now and into the future. Look out for the things we can all do, in the Eco-hints which the Stanmore Society are publicising in the months to come.


Eco-hint A – Aluminium


Aluminium can be recycled easily – save your aluminium cans and foil containers, crush them underfoot to save space (if you prefer), and put them out for Harrow’s recycling collection. 



Eco-hint BL – Blackberries


Blackberries are in season, are local, and are free. Pick them from parks, open spaces, or many other places; and use them in pies, jam, or freeze or bottle them to use later on.



Eco-hint CH – Control Central heating


Your central heating has controls, time-clocks and thermostats. Use them so that you are only using and paying for the heat you need. This will benefit both your pocket and the wider world, which is at risk from our extravagant use of energy.



Eco-hint CS – Charity shops


We all have articles which may be in good condition but which we do not use and may not like. But we can reuse them (see Eco-hint RRR reduce, reuse, recycle) by donating them to a charity shop). 3 parties will benefit – the donor of the unwanted article, the charity, and the purchaser who wants it.



Eco-hint D – Durable Materials


Polythene and pvc have a very long life, and one of their uses is for gas and water supply, and drainage, where they can give 100 years of service.


Wonderfully durable materials. So why do we need to use them for such temporary uses as getting our shopping home from the shops?


And, still worse, why do we leave them around as litter in towns, when they stay around for a long time, or in the countryside or on the seashore, where they can harm farm animals or marine life?


Eco-hint E – Eggs


Instead of boiling eggs by waiting for the water to boil, then putting them in and boiling for 5 minutes, use Delia Smith’s method – put them into cold water, bring to the boil and then boil for 4 minutes. This saves you the cost of a minute’s heating, and saves the world the consequences of this minute’s energy use.



Eco-hint FM – Farmers’ Market and Food Miles


Much of our food from supermarkets has travelled miles to reach us. We can get fresher temperate foodstuffs, locally produced, at Farmers’ Markets.



Eco-hint FP – Flyposting


The flyers we see for concerts, auctions and bootsales on roadsigns and posts are posted without anyone’s authority, remain there long after the event, and look dreadfully ugly. Why do we put up with them? Why don’t we remove them, and the cable ties they are fixed with?



Eco-hint FT – Fair Trade


We try to avoid importing products from other continents if we can produce them locally. But we do value and enjoy many tropical products, and often the producer does not get a fair price for their efforts. To make sure they do, buy Fair Trade products from Fair Trade stalls or look for them at supermarkets.



Eco-hint GB – Green Belt


Green Belts were established after the Second World War around London (and elsewhere), to set a limit on suburban growth, and to provide an attractive open space for the benefit, recreation and general well-being of London’s population. Current policy seems to be losing sight of these intentions. Why not join a local amenity/heritage society to make your voice heard?



Eco-hint GG – Guerrilla Gardeners


Guerrilla Gardeners find a neglected piece of public land, and tidy it, dig it, plant it, generally care for it, and beautify it. They do this outside working hours, to avoid the attention of the officious, but those living nearby welcome the attention. Perhaps we could start with a neglected patch we know, or the planters in shopping centres which are often full of weeds?



Eco-hint GU – Gutters


Gutters have a fall (a gentle slope), so that they can channel rain away from the roof they serve, away from the building, into the downpipe and drain. During dry weather they can fill with bird droppings, wind-blown dust and leaves, and some plants can begin to grow. All this prevents them from doing what they are intended to do – to drain water away from the building. Look after your gutters and drains – keep them clear, so they can work properly (in the same way as you are looking after the rest of the world and keeping that in good order!)



Eco-hint HE – Hedges


Walking is the greenest form of transport there is. But it is often hard work for pedestrians to force their way past out of control hedges which intrude on the pavement. And what must it be like in a wheelchair? Keep your hedges clipped, and offer to do the same for a neighbour if they can’t do so.



Eco-hint HI – Hippos


Traditional toilet cisterns were designed when water was plentiful, and hold 2 gallons or 9 litres of water. Modern cisterns hold half this, or less. Fit a plastic hippo inside your traditional cistern to reduce the volume of water you use.



Eco-hint I – Insulation


Much of suburban London was built in the 1930s, with single glazing, and with no insulation in the walls and roof. People’s expectations of comfort then were low. To get a higher standard of comfort now, do we:


          turn up the heating (and damage both our pocket and the wider world), or


lag our roofs and hot water pipes, and install cavity insulation if we can?



Eco-hint J – Junk Mail


We can recycle our junk mail, but it makes more sense to avoid creating it in the first place. You can prevent junk mail addressed to you personally by using the Mail Preference Service (MPS), Freepost 29, LON 20771, London W1E 0ZT, tel 0845 7034599, and you can prevent door to door unaddressed deliveries from Royal Mail by registering at Opt-Outs, Royal Mail, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road, Oxford, OX1 1RX .


Eco-hint MCP – Minet Country Park


A Rocha are an international  environmental organisation. Their offices, education centre and narrow-boat are in the Minet Country Park in Southall. A Rocha created this park, nature reserve and cycle track from derelict land, which was once owned by British Gas, and then neglected.


Well worth a visit.



Eco-hint MP – Montreal Protocol  


The treaty was signed in 1987 and restricts the production and use of chemicals which affect the ozone layer, which include propellants for aerosols. It has been adopted and implemented enthusiastically by all the nations who signed it. An example of international cooperation working well and successfully.



Eco-hint MSB – Millenium Seed Bank


This is a collection of seeds from plants from around the world (including threatened species), which are maintained at low temperatures but will be able to germinate at normal temperatures if required. The collection was created by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Wakehurst Place, a National Trust gardens in Sussex.


Both the gardens and the seed bank are worth a visit – they are a bus ride from Hayward’s Heath, which can be reached with one change of train from Harrow & Wealdstone.



Eco-hint NP – Newsprint


80% of the newspapers we read are produced from recycled newsprint, and some paper works can produce newsprint completely from recycled material.


Use your blue bin or the bins for used newspapers at your station to recycle them.



Eco-hint O – Office


We all try to use materials and services wisely, without waste or extravagance in our lives at home or here at church. Why negate all this good practice when we are at work, in our office? Stick up for green behaviour in the office – it could probably improve the firm’s finances and profitability, and will certainly benefit the wider world.



Eco-hint P – Pedestrians


Walking is the healthiest and least polluting form of travel, and is as quick, door-to-door, as the car for short journeys. And you can safely look round, at buildings, other people, and our natural surroundings.


Be a pedestrian!



Eco-hint PET – Polyethyleneterephthallate


PET is easier. It is a strong lightweight plastic or fibre which is used in plastic soft drink bottles, as polyester, Terylene or Crimplene in clothes, and for a number of other purposes.


Recycle your bottles – Harrow collects them – they could be recycled as bottles again, or could be converted into fibre and fabric for clothes. (Marks and Spencer pioneered this process.)



Eco-hint PH – Photocopying


Often an extravagant activity. Think whether you need all the copies you are planning to make, and photocopy double-sided whenever you can.



Eco-hint Q - Quorn


Meat production often involves feeding grain to livestock. The grain used would feed many more people than the meat produced from it does.


Quorn is a vegetarian product which resembles meat and has the same protein content - for some of the time, in dishes where you will not notice the difference, why not use Quorn to replace the meat?



Eco-hint R – Rats


Rats enjoy discarded fast food and flourish when it is available in large quantities. So, do not buy more food than you need (fast or slow), and do not leave any around for this part of creation that we would prefer not to share our surroundings with.



Eco-hint RD – Radstock


The Penguin Guide for Somerset for 1939 (yes, 1939!) describes work that was conducted then to landscape tips of colliery spoil with fir trees. Sound environmental practice then, before most of us were born. Caring for our environment is not new!



Eco-hint RRR – Reduce, reuse, recycle


A 3-fold hierarchy of strategies to prevent waste – and the order they are in is important!


Avoid waste by identifying what you do not need, so that you don’t use it or use less of it. Use it again, or allow someone else to do so. Failing those, recycle it.



Eco-hint S – Sustainability


Sustainable Development – development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Defined by the Brundtland Commission, set up by the UN in 1983.



Eco-hint SL – Security lighting


Sadly, many of us feel the need to fit security lighting to protect our homes. But why, if we are trying to prevent an intruder on our property, do we set the lighting so it comes on when a pedestrian passes along the street without setting foot on it?


And why do we light up the night sky when any intruder will be on the ground?



Eco-hint SQ – Sequoia


An attractive tree which grows naturally on Pacific coasts in the USA, and was introduced to England 150 years ago. It can grow 200-300’ high. We have sequoias in parks in Stanmore, Edgware and Hatch End. In America it is used commercially, here it is ornamental. A wonderful tree – both useful and attractive.




Eco-hint StP – St Pancras


A striking Victorian building which worked properly when it was built, still does, and has always been attractive. It is now the terminus for Eurostar, the least damaging way of travelling to Brussels and Paris (and connections for stations beyond are possible and easy).



Eco-hint T – Terracotta


A fired clay product with a long history, which the Victorians made extensive use of – a material which is both useful and attractive. It resists industrial pollution and can be used in a very creative and artistic way – and many Victorian churches, church buildings and civic buildings show how attractive it can be.


Our built heritage is part of our environment – it can be both long-lasting and attractive. Enjoy it when it is both!



Eco-hint U – Ugliness


English Heritage realise that our streets are made ugly by unnecessary street furniture, road signs and flyposting, and that they can be made attractive by decluttering them. Join their campaign, join a local amenity society to support it,



Eco-hint V – abandoned Vehicles


Abandoned vehicles take up parking space we could use, or obstruct our view of traffic whether we are a driver or pedestrian. Possibly the vehicle could have been stolen and dumped, and has an owner who would like it back.


All local authorities have arrangements which enable you to report abandoned vehicles, by phone, text, email or website.



Eco-hint W – Woking


Woking is a borough in Surrey, smaller than any London borough. Woking has a strong Sustainable Energy policy and Climate Change strategy, with large and small scale energy generation, and energy and water conservation. The policy has all-party support, attracts private finance, and has no effect on their Council Tax.


An example for other local authorities!



Eco-hint X – Christmas presents


Rather than give a present to someone who does not need it, why not give a hive, a flock of chickens or ducks, a cow or a goat to an African village on their behalf, through Send a Cow?


Or why not finance a forest in this country through the Woodland Trust?



Eco-hint YB – Yellow buses


America is the most motorised society in the world, but does not experience our “school run”, which fills our rush-hour roads and creates unsafe conditions round our schools.


America makes substantial use of yellow buses to transport their children to and from school.


A transport policy we could introduce?



Eco-hint Z – zzzz


The creation stories tell us God rested on the seventh day. He didn’t do 24:7, neither should we. So there is new eco-hint for the final week of the series. But we can continue to follow the good practice we have learned from the earlier hints in the series – which was devised by St. John’s Church as part of their application to become an Eco-Church.



Past and present membership secretaries of the Stanmore Society

Stanmore Society Membership Secretaries
Please see the attached article by Audrey Phillips regarding the changes being made to the Stanmore Membership secretaries.
Adobe Acrobat document [183.2 KB]

Stanmore Society Afternoon Meeting Wednesday 12th September 2018

Afternoon meeting with Stanmore Fire Station
Join us at this afternoon meeting to find out more about fire safety in the home and working fire alarms from Stanmore Fire Station. To find out more, download the attached poster.
12.09.18 Afternoon Meeting. Fire Brigad[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [168.5 KB]

Stanmore Society Summer Broadsheet now available

Stanmore Society Summer Broadsheet
Download this summer's broadsheet to find out about the latest summer events from the Stanmore Society.
Adobe Acrobat document [312.3 KB]

Stanmore Society Afternoon Meeting Wednesday 14th March 2018

Stanmore Society Afternoon Meeting with guest speaker The Disability Foundation
Based at the RNOH site in Stanmore

The Disability Foundation is able to offer a range of therapies which aim to promote well being at an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Remedial Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Chiropody.

Come to an illustrated talk and demonstration. To find out more, download the poster.
Adobe Acrobat document [732.9 KB]

Stanmore Society Committee Meeting Tuesday 13th March 2018

Stanmore Society Committee Meeting Tuesday 13th March 2018 from 8pm
This month's committee meeting will be held on Thursday 13th March from 8pm in Sainsbury's with a potential guest speaker Daniel from Cancer Campaign.

To find out more, download the attached poster.
Adobe Acrobat document [395.2 KB]

Celebrate the New Year at our Afternoon Meeting on Wednesday 10th January 2018

Afternoon Meeting 10/01/18
Once again 'It's Showtime Folks'. Celebrate the New Year at the Afternoon Meeting.

A bit more of this, a bit of that and a bit more of the other…. With our Lynne Bradley


Join us on Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 2.00pm. Download the poster to find out more. 
Oakmead Court East Lounge, Valencia Road
10.01.18 Afternoon meeting Lynne B.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [270.4 KB]

Meeting for people affected by promiscuous fining by CCTV unit at Kerry Avenue, Tuesday 14 November 2017 between 6 and 8pm

A meeting has been scheduled on November 14th  between 6 - 8pm  for anyone effected by promiscuis fining the CCTV unit opposite Stanmore Station - upward of 489 cases -at Kerry Avenue/Kerry Court.


This is the opportunity for various residents who have been campaigning over the weeks and months, to voice their grievances and concerns to the Borough Councillors.

French Market in Stanmore Broadway, 19 November 2017 from 8am

The date for the French Market in Stanmore Broadway has finally been announced as Sunday 19th November 1017 from 8am.

Afternoon meeting, Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 2.00pm

Afternoon meeting with Stanmore Strollers, 15 November 2017
Come and hear about enjoyable walks and visits with the ‘Stanmore Strollers’ at this week's afternoon meeting by their leader Frank Willis.
15 November'17 Stanmore Strollers Aftern[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [248.3 KB]

Public Open Meeting EGM announced, Tuesday 31st October 2017 at 8pm 

Stanmore Society EGM and Public Meeting
Tuesday 31st October at 8pm, Stanmore Library- EGM and Public Meeting with Navin Shah GLA Member and a TfL speaker. Come and support a lift for Stanmore Station!
Adobe Acrobat document [68.3 KB]

Afternoon meeting, 13th September, 2017

Afternoon Meeting, 13th September 2017
Come to our afternoon meeting from 2pm on 13th September to enjoy an afternoon of music and song.
The meeting will be held at Oakmead Court East Lounge, Valencia Road. To find out more, please download the poster on this page.
Adobe Acrobat document [266.7 KB]

Stanmore themed art/photographic competition

There are 3 Art Categories Primary Schools, Secondary Schools & Adults. There is also a separate category for Photography. Prizes will be awarded for each category.

Open to all – Entries to Stanmore Library, owners details attached The awards ceremony & display of winning entries at Stanmore Library early November.

Please download the attached poster to find out more about an Art/Photo Competition.

Please submit all entries by 31 October 2017 to Stanmore Library.

Be sure to include with your entry: your name, age and telephone number together with the category you are entering.

Good luck.
Art Competition Poster 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [158.1 KB]

Headstone Manor reopening to the public later this year

Headstone Manor reopening to the public
See attached poster to find out about the reopening of Headstone Manor later on in the year.
New file download

Afternoon Meeting Poster on 12 July 2017 

Afternoon Meeting on 12 July
At this afternoon meeting we will enjoy strawberries and you'll also be able to participate in a quiz. Join us at 2pm on Wednesday 12th July in Oakmead Court East Lounge, Valencia Road.
Adobe Acrobat document [233.6 KB]

New Harrow Nature Conservation Forum Workdays Announced

Harrow Nature Conservation Forum (HNCF) have announced several workdays for many of the green spaces in the local area. To view the scheduled workdays, visit our Calendar page or visit the HNCF website


Stanmore Society 2017 AGM Tuesday 20th June at 8pm Stanmore Library
Join us in Stanmore Library on Tuesday 20th June for our AGM. We will be joined by guest speaker Rob Hurd, who will give us an update on the redevelopment of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.
Adobe Acrobat document [342.2 KB]


The venue for London Pro Arte's summer concert is very special! They will perform three of Handel’s Chandos Anthems in the church of St Lawrence Whitworth, Edgware, where Handel composed the anthems as court composer to the Duke of Chandos. Tom Winpenny will conduct the choir and the ensemble Sinfonia Britannica.


Please see the poster below to find out more. The choir looks forward to seeing you at this special concert.

London Pro Arte Choir performs Handel concert
Performance of three of Handel’s Chandos Anthems in the church of St Lawrence, conducted by Tom Winpenny.
Adobe Acrobat document [137.2 KB]


Enjoyable Walks and Visits With the ‘Stanmore Strollers' Group
Come along to this afternoon meeting to find out about some of the enjoyable walks and visits that have been organised by the ‘Stanmore Strollers’ group by their leader Frank Willis on Wednesday 10th May at 2.00pm.
Adobe Acrobat document [519.5 KB]


The Harrow Nature Conservation Forum has released a Chairman's report specifically related to the Harrow area. Download the report by clicking on the link below:

Harrow Nature Conservation Forum Chairman's Report on Stanmore Green Belt Sites
Recently released report relation to Stanmore green belt sites.
Stanmore Green Belt Sites Chairman's and[...]
Microsoft Word document [482.5 KB]


This year, The Stanmore Society fete will be part of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital's Buttercup Walk between 10:30am and 2:00pm on Sunday 25th June 2017.
Buttercup Forms can be found in various outlets in Stanmore ie Library, Sainsburys etc.
To enter the Buttercup Walk online please visit
For further details and to receive a Stall Holder Form please contact: 
The Fete Co-ordinater at
To find out more about the fete, download the form below:
Buttercup Walk Poster
Poster for the Buttercup Walk at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, 25th June 2017 from 10:30am to 2:00pm.
buttercup form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [294.2 KB]


Please contact VEENA LIDBETTER direct on 07771 833843

Cost is £3.00-family and friends welcome


Walk will commence from Bentley Priory, Old Lodge Way, Stanmore at 2pm.

This increasingly popular annual event is not to be missed. We will take a leisurely stroll in a nature reserve and look to identify and discuss medicinal plants that are growing wild. You will learn about identification, history and medicinal use of natures gifts to humanity. Past attendees have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and often return in subsequent years.  

The walk is led by qualified medical herbalist, Varsha. 

Herb Walk Disclaimer 
This walk is provided for pleasure and education purposes only. The walk is scheduled to last between 20 minutes to 2 hours and will cover a maximum of 1 ½ miles. The terrain is uneven and may be muddy in places, it is not recommended for individuals with limited mobility. Minors should be accompanied by their parents or guardians. The walk should only be undertaken if you feel well enough to do so and are wearing suitable clothing and sturdy footwear.  
Plants which are traditionally used to treat various medical conditions will be referred to. These references are for general information purposes only and do not infer any type of treatment recommendation.  
Many edible and medicinal plants will be pointed out and discussed. Some wild plants are poisonous and accurate identification is essential prior to picking any plants and ingesting them. Ingestion of any plant material is done so completely at your own risk. It is possible (although rare) for individuals to have an allergic reaction to certain wild edible plants. No liability is accepted for such occurrences. If you are pregnant or may be pregnant you are advised against eating any wild plants, which you have not had previous exposure to. 
No liability is accepted for any independent actions taken or not taken as a result of information provided on this walk. 


A special request! A grazier will be putting a small herd of Red Devon cattle on 40 Acre Field at Stanmore Country Park early in May. This is really good news - grazing is much better for biodiversity than mechanical cutting. However before the cattle arrive I need to get some fallen branches off the fence and repair some breaks in it. Would anyone be able to help me? Possible days are Saturday April 22nd or (preferred option) Tuesday April 25.
To find out more, contact Steve Bolsover on:
Alternatively, you can call:
020 8933 2823 (with answerphone; leave messages here please) or mobile on 0779 483 7302 (don't leave messages here, use 020 8933 2823) .


To find out more, download the poster below:
Afternoon Meeting with the Disability Foundation
At this afternoon meeting we will be joined by The Disability Foundation. Based at the RNOH site in Stanmore, The Disability Foundation is able to offer a range of therapies which aim to promote well being at an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Activities offered include:
Remedial Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage,

Come to the meeting for an illustrated talk and demonstration.
Adobe Acrobat document [385.6 KB]


Find out more about our meeting by downloading the poster below:

Talk On Air Quality
Our speaker will be Caroline Russell, Green Party Councillor in Islington and Member of the Greater London Assembly. Caroline is already active on air quality and is keen to extend awareness of the problem in outer London suburbs.

Gradko diffusion tubes. are monitoring nitrogen dioxide at 10 locations in Stanmore.
Open Meeting March '17 Caroline Russell[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [303.9 KB]


On the morning of 7/2/2017, our chairman John Williams was invited by BBC Radio London to give a talk about Stanmore and what makes it special for him, along with other Stanmore residents. The programme item was called "Around my Manor" and was hosted by Robert Elms.


John Williams mentioned The Stanmore Society, the BP Museum, RNOH, Bernays Hall  and the Green Belt. He also mentioned the history of our two St Johns churches and some of the notable people that have lived in Stanmore and the fact that many are still with us in the church yard. As well as discussing the churches, John mentioned that Stanmore is a diverse community with all the churches, the Synagogue, Mosque and the Hindu Temple  all living side by side.


To listen to the podcast, click on the link below:


Air Quality Monitors. The quality of London’s air at street level seems to be a topical subject at the moment. We have recently put up 10 air diffusion tubes, a small plastic tube that will be coated with any materials that are present in our air. We have put them mainly in areas with high traffic flows, with a few in what we think may be cleaner air space, so we have a comparison. The diffusion tubes have been supplied to us by the Green Party at the GLA and after one month of exposure will go back to a laboratory to be analysed.
Our next public meeting on 2nd March will be on the subject of local air quality, please see our website for details. We hope to have the results of our test back in time for the meeting.


Aspire Leisure Centre on Wood Lane has recently reopened after a refurbishment funded by generous donors. To find out more about the refurbishment, please visit the following article:



On Sunday 2 October 2016 at 3.00 pm, St Lawrence's in Little Stanmore will be hosting an English Baroque concert where Hungarian harpsichordist and organist Zsombor Tóth-Vajna will give a recital of English organ pieces including works by Blow, Byrd, Handel, Purcell and Stanley.

The church building retains its eighteenth century interior where Handel’s Chandos Anthems were first performed and he will play a reconstruction of the organ that Handel would have known while composer in residence at nearby Cannons.


The recital forms part of the celebrations to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the rebuilding of the Church.

Refreshments will be available after the recital.


To find out more about the event, download the poster below:


Come and join us at the afternoon meeting on 14th September 2016 where we will hear a talk from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade who are celebrating their 150 year anniversary.


The afternoon meeting will be held from 2pm in:


Oakmead Court East Lounge, Valencia Road, Stanmore.


To find out more, download the poster below:

September 14 2016 Afternoon Meeting
A talk to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
Adobe Acrobat document [4.5 MB]


There will be a Garden Party on Sunday 4th September 2016 between 2 and 5pm, where entertainment will include several children's games and live singing. To find out more please visit the following website: or download the poster below:


Several volunteer working days have been announced by Harrow Nature Conservation Forum for various sites in Stanmore.To find out more, visit our Calendar page or the Harrow Nature Conservation Forum website.


This year's AGM will be held on 28th June at 8pm in Stanmore Library. To find out more, download the poster below:

AGM 2016
AGM '16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [127.0 KB]


Wood Lane Farm is the latest addition to Harrow's public wild open spaces. To find out more about the opening event, download the poster below.


We've invited Sky News' breakfast presenter Gillian Joseph to host a BREXIT debate between local politicians Bob Blackman (Conservative MP for Harrow East) and Sachin Shah (future Labour leader of Harrow Council) so they can put forward their arguments for leaving or remaining in the EU. You can listen to the debate and will have the opportunity to ask questions in the Bernays Hall from 8pm.

Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph


An Exhibition of Painting and Photography
PETER WILLIAMS: Landscapes - oil on canvas
DICK BARNATT: Photography - portraits of rock and pop stars


SATURDAY 16 APRIL 2016   :   11 am till 5.30 pm


Old Harrovian Room, Harrow School
Located within the War Memorial Building
Harrow on the Hill



Afternoon meeting Wednesday 13 April 2016

Come and join us a the afternoon meeting on  Wednesday 13th April at 2.00pm in Oakmead Court East Lounge, Valencia Road where we will show a
film and update by Dick Seaman from the RNLI.
To find out more, download the poster below:
Saving Lives at Sea- Stanmore Society Afternoon Meeting
Film and update by Dick Seaman from the RNLI about the work of the Lifeboat crew.
Adobe Acrobat document [231.5 KB]

Commitee meeting Monday 11 April 2016

Our next committee meeting will be in Sainsbury’s – meet upstairs in Committee room along corridor (please remember to sign in at downstairs rear info desk - request by Manager).


To find out more download the poster below.

Stanmore Society Committee Meeting 11 April 2016
Agenda for the April 2016 Committee Meeting.
Stanmore Soc Agenda Mon 11th April '16.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [162.3 KB]

RNOH development update

Chief Executive, Rob Hurd will give the latest Development Update at our public open meeting on Tuesday 22nd March at 8pm in Bernays Memorial Hall, Stanmore Broadway.


Find out more by downloading the poster below:

RNOH redevelopment open meeting
Open meeting to discuss RNOH redevelopment with RNOH Chief Executive Rob Hurd.
Open Meeting March '16 RNOH.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [409.5 KB]

Zac Goldsmith kicks off mayoral election campaign in Stanmore

Zac Goldsmith paid a compliment to Stanmore by opening  his election  campaign for  Mayor of London with his very first hustings meeting at the Bernays Hall on Tuesday 16th February.. The meeting was by invitation and limited by available space, around 130 people filled the hall to hear what he had to say and put their questions to him.

If you want to hear what Zac had to say, click on the link below:

Zac Goldsmith addresses Stanmore residents at Bernays Hall

Stanmore Moons closing down at the end of February 2016

The Stanmore Society has learnt that the Moons in Stanmore is set to close down at the end of February, resulting in Stanmore losing its last pub, We were very surprised to hear the news as the pub always seemed busy.

The pub is set to turn into a Nando's with speculation that the building's landlords wanted to convert the pub to a restaurant due to the conversion of the offices above the pub into flats.
We tried to contact Wetherspoons headquarters in Watford to clarify the situation but they refused to comment,

Afternoon meeting Wednesday 10 February 2016

Come and join us at this afternoon meeting where teacher Marilyn Raymond will host a talk on how children's education in hospitals has changed in recent years.


Join us on Wednesday 10 February at 2:00pm in Oakmead Court East Lounge, Valencia Road.


For more information see the poster below.

Thanksgiving Service for Rita Jourdan

This is to advise you of the Thanksgiving Service for Rita Jourdan, who died peacefully early in the morning of 2nd December.


The service will be held at Stanmore Baptist Church, HA7 2PH, at 3pm on Saturday, 19th December.  The church is on the corner of Old Church Lane and Abercorn Road.  Parking is free on the roads around the church if you are coming by car.


Rita was never keen on people wearing black at funerals, so please feel free to dress in colour!


Please don’t bring flowers or gifts.  We would like all gifts in memory of Rita to go to the St Martin’s-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal.  We are setting up a dedicated appeal on Just Giving to support this charity in memory of Rita, where you will be able to leave messages and remember mum long into the future. The Christmas Appeal was not set up with Just Giving, but they are doing so specially for us, and it should be up and running early next week.  We’ll email around the details as soon as we have them.


We have also set up a web page to collect and share photos, tributes, recollections and stories about Rita.  This can be found at  If you would like to contribute anything to the site, please send it be email to  All contributions are much appreciated.  If you would prefer your contribution to remain anonymous, please just let us know in your email.


Paul Jourdan
48 Morningside Park
Edinburgh EH10 5HA

Events at Bentley Priory Museum

Bentley Priory Museum have just announced several events that will be taking place in the museum. The events include several talks relating to the Battle of Britain and a workshop relating to the glamourous hairstyles of the 1940s.


After entering the museum, you will need to pay an additional £3 to attend a talk. The workshop will cost £25. Find out more by downloading the poster below.

Forthcoming Events at Bentley Priory Museum October 2015
Forthcoming Events at Bentley Priory Museum October 2015
Forthcoming Events October 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [156.5 KB]

Taster session for new Stanmore based rock choir

A new rock choir is being set up by local resident Simon Reynolds and there will be a free taster session in St Anselms Church Hall on Wednesday 8th July .


Simon told us the following the new choir:


Hi all! Thought you might be interested to know that I will be starting a new Rock Choir in Stanmore! I will be running a free taster session at St Anslem's Church Hall Wednesday 8th July at 8pm if anyone wants to come along? To book a place visit the website Would be great to see some of you there! Simon :)

Many thanks in advance,



AGM Tuesday 16th June 2015

This year's AGM has been booked in for the 16th June in Stanmore Library. The AGM will start at 8pm.


This year's guest speaker will be Rob Hurd, Chief Executive of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital who will update us with the latest news on the hospital's redevelopement.

Stanmore Society AGM 16th June
Join us at this year's AGM on 16th June at 8pm in Stanmore Library. Download the PDF below for more information.
Adobe Acrobat document [154.2 KB]

Hustings report

The Stanmore Society gave local residents the opportunity to quiz aspiring MP’s at our election hustings event held on 20th April in Stanmore College.

Residents of Harrow East can choose from a range of candidates from across the political spectrum. Representing the Conservative Party was our current MP Bob Blackman who has held the seat since 2010. Also in attendance was Uma Kumaran from the Labour Party, Ross Barlow from the Liberal Democrats.  They say when police officers look very young you are getting old, these two candidates, both locally educated, seemed  young indeed but none the less  gave very good accounts of themselves. Our former mayor and Harrow Councillor Nana Asante is representing the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and teacher Emma Wallace represented the Green Party . Unfortunately the local UKIP candidate Aidan Powlesland was unable to attend.

Many questions seemed to be focussed around the NHS and it seems this could be an important factor for this election.  The pundits are predicting the election will be a close run event with no clear winner in sight. Your vote could make all the difference both locally and nationally.  

RNOH secures a £20 Million loan

After several years of campagining, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital has managed to secure a £20 million loan from the NHS Trust Development Authority to help with its rebuild.


The hospital received unconditional approval from the development authority on its business case for redevelopment.


To find out more about the loan, please visit the link below on the Harrow Times website:

Hustings meeting 20th April 2015

Join us in Stanmore College at 8pm on 20th April 2015 for the chance to put those all important questions to our local prospective candidates in the forthcoming General Election. We have invited all of those standing,  so far we have agreement from the Conservative and Labour candidates. We are waiting to hear back from the Lib Dems and the Green Party. To find out more, open the poster below:

2015 Pre-Election Hustings Meeting
Poster advertising the Pre-election Hustings Meeting with local candidates from the main political parties.
2015 pre Election Hustings meeting.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [112.4 KB]

Vote for Stanmore Marsh

People are being urged to vote to make Stanmore Marsh (a currently underused open space) to become an attractive park and wetland area.


Boris Johnson’s Big Green Fund has been set up to provide grants of up to £175,000 towards environmental projects across London.


You can vote for your preferred open space at:

Stanmore Marsh

Redevelopment of public houses

The Crazy Horse now has full planning permission for 13 flats and some retail space. A modern looking building, in our opinion out of keeping with the surroundings. A public house has stood on this site for over one hundred years.


We are also about to lose The Vine. The current owners have applied for demolition of the building.


The Abercorn Arms has ceased trading and is likely to be converted into flats.


Times in Stanmore are changing and it is sad to see all of these iconic landmark places disappearing.

Website reorganisation

We are planning to reorganise the website so that memorable news events are archived on a new page. We are currently reviewing how to handle this and will implement a solution soon.

Updated membership form

Please note our membership form has been updated to reflect the name and address of our new membership secretary (Audrey Phillips). You can download a new version of the form from the Membership section of our About us page.

Anmer Lodge planning application update

Anmer Lodge development  now also has full planning permission for over one hundred homes and an M &S Simply Food store. We are still waiting for confirmation on when the work will start. We will provide an update as soon as we have more news.

Facebook page

The Stanmore Society is now on Facebook. We will post more information about this soon.


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